Welcome to the delicious world of Babybel cheese! As a professional chef, I am here to guide you on an exciting journey exploring this iconic and beloved cheese. Known for its distinctive red wax casing and irresistible creamy texture, Babybel cheese has captured the hearts and taste buds of cheese enthusiasts worldwide. From its humble beginnings in France to becoming a household name, this miniature cheese delight offers a wealth of flavors and versatility that will leave you craving for more. So, grab your apron and let’s dive into the delightful world of Babybel cheese!

The Perfect Snack: Babybel Cheese

Babybel cheese is not only delicious, but it also makes for a convenient and healthy snack. With its smooth texture and rich flavor, it’s no wonder why people of all ages love it. Whether you’re packing it for a lunchbox, enjoying it on a picnic, or simply indulging in a midday treat, Babybel cheese is always a crowd-pleaser. In this recipe, we’ll explore different ways to enjoy this delightful cheese and add a touch of creativity to your snacking routine.


  • 6 Babybel cheese wheels
  • Crackers of your choice
  • Fresh fruits (such as grapes or berries)
  • Nuts (such as almonds or walnuts)
  • Honey or jam (optional for dipping)
  • Celery sticks or carrot sticks (optional, for additional crunch)

General Information:

  • Making Difficulty: Easy
  • Preparation Time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking Time: None
  • Servings: 2-3 people


Step 1: Unwrap the Babybel cheese

Gently remove the red plastic cover from each Babybel cheese wheel. Unwrapping the cheese is part of the fun, so take your time and enjoy the anticipation of the delicious flavors to come.

Pro tip: Try saving the red plastic covers for a fun craft project later. They can be used as mini molds for homemade chocolates or crayon molds for arts and crafts!

Step 2: Pair with crackers and fruits

Place the unwrapped Babybel cheese wheels on a plate or serving board. Arrange an assortment of your favorite crackers around the cheese. Choose a variety of shapes and flavors to add excitement to your snacking experience. Next, add some fresh fruits, such as grapes or berries, for a burst of sweetness and color.

Pro tip: For a touch of elegance, you can sprinkle some freshly chopped herbs, such as basil or parsley, on top of the cheese wheels and fruits.

Step 3: Add some crunch with nuts

No snack is complete without a bit of crunch! Gather a handful of your favorite nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, and place them alongside the Babybel cheese and crackers. The combination of creamy cheese, crispy crackers, and crunchy nuts creates a delightful texture contrast that will keep you coming back for more.

Pro tip: If you prefer a sweeter flavor profile, toast the nuts lightly in a dry skillet for a few minutes until they become fragrant and slightly golden. Allow them to cool before adding them to your snack platter.

Step 4: Get creative with dips

While Babybel cheese is scrumptious on its own, adding a dip can take your snacking experience to the next level. Consider offering some honey or jam on the side for dipping the cheese or spreading on the crackers. The combination of the creaminess of the cheese with the sweetness of honey or the fruity tang of jam creates a harmonious blend of flavors.

Pro tip: Experiment with different types of honey or jams, such as lavender-infused honey or raspberry jam, to add a unique twist to your snack platter.

Step 5: Optional additional crunch

If you’re looking for even more crunch, consider adding celery sticks or carrot sticks to your snack platter. These crisp vegetables not only provide a refreshing flavor but also offer a healthier alternative for those watching their carbohydrate intake. The combination of the cheesy, fruity, and nutty elements with the refreshing crunch of the vegetables creates a well-rounded and satisfying snack.

Pro tip: For a touch of elegance, try cutting the celery sticks or carrot sticks into small batons or matchstick shapes. This will elevate the visual appeal of your snack platter.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Now that everything is prepared, it’s time to enjoy your Babybel cheese snack platter. Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful arrangement of colors, textures, and flavors in front of you. Savor each bite, pairing different combinations of cheese, crackers, fruits, nuts, and dips to create a personalized experience.

Pro tip: Share your snack platter with friends or family and invite them to join in the snacking fun. Snacking is always better when shared!

Step 7: Don’t be afraid to get creative

While this recipe provides a basic guide for enjoying Babybel cheese, feel free to get creative and add your own personal touch. Experiment with different crackers, fruits, nuts, and dips to find your favorite combination. You can also try incorporating other ingredients, such as cured meats or olives, to add even more variety to your snack platter.

Remember, snacking should be a joyful experience, so allow yourself to have fun and explore different flavors and textures. Let your imagination run wild and create the perfect Babybel cheese snack platter that suits your taste preferences!

In conclusion, Babybel cheese is an excellent choice for a quick and satisfying snack. With its creamy texture, rich flavor, and endless pairing possibilities, it’s a versatile ingredient that can elevate any snacking occasion. Whether you’re enjoying it on its own, with crackers and fruits, or in a creative combination, Babybel cheese is sure to delight your taste buds. So, next time you’re searching for a snack that’s both delicious and convenient, reach for Babybel cheese and create a snack platter that’s as beautiful as it is flavorful. Happy snacking!

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Important Things to Keep in Mind When Making Babybel Cheese at Home

From its iconic red wax coating to its delightfully creamy texture, Babybel cheese is a beloved snack that has captured the hearts and taste buds of people around the world. If you’re a fan of this delightful cheese and want to try your hand at making it at home, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Whether you’re a seasoned cheese-maker or a beginner in the kitchen, these tips will ensure that your homemade Babybel cheese is just as delicious as the original.

1. Use High-Quality Ingredients

When it comes to cheese-making, the quality of your ingredients can make a significant difference in the final product. For a creamy and flavorful Babybel cheese, opt for the freshest milk you can find. Whether you choose cow’s milk, goat’s milk, or a blend of different milks, make sure it’s free from any additives or preservatives. Additionally, using a high-quality starter culture and rennet will help achieve the desired texture and flavor.

2. Pay Attention to Temperature

Temperature plays a crucial role in cheese-making, and making Babybel cheese is no exception. The milk must be heated to a specific temperature range before adding the starter culture and rennet. It’s essential to closely monitor the temperature using a reliable thermometer and make adjustments as necessary. Keeping a consistent temperature throughout the cheese-making process will ensure the proper development of curds and result in a smooth and creamy texture in the final cheese.

3. Be Patient During the Aging Process

One of the hallmark features of Babybel cheese is its delightful creaminess. Achieving this texture requires some patience during the aging process. After shaping the cheese into individual rounds, they must be aged gradually at a controlled temperature and humidity. This slow aging process allows the flavors to develop, and the cheese to develop its characteristic smoothness. While it might be tempting to dig in right away, resist the urge and allow your homemade Babybel cheese to age for the recommended time for the best results.

4. Experiment with Flavors and Additions

While the classic Babybel cheese is a timeless favorite, don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with flavors and additions in your homemade version. Consider adding herbs, spices, or even a drizzle of honey to your cheese before aging it. This will give your homemade Babybel cheese a unique and personalized touch that will impress your family and friends.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of making your own Babybel cheese. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating a delicious and satisfying snack that rivals the store-bought version. So grab your apron and get ready to embark on a cheese-making adventure that will leave you craving for more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section all about Babybel cheese! Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions related to this delicious snack. Whether you’re a cheese lover or just curious about this popular brand, we’ve got you covered!

1. Can Babybel cheese be eaten by people with lactose intolerance?

While Babybel cheese is made from cow’s milk, it contains minimal lactose, making it more tolerable for those with lactose intolerance. The aging and production process involved in making Babybel cheese naturally reduces the lactose content. However, each person’s tolerance level can vary, so it’s recommended to start with a small amount and see how your body reacts.

If you have severe lactose intolerance, it’s best to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming any dairy products, including Babybel cheese. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific needs.

2. How should I store Babybel cheese?

To keep Babybel cheese fresh, it’s important to store it properly. The individual Babybel cheese rounds come in a protective wax shell, which helps preserve their freshness. You can store them at room temperature, in the refrigerator, or even in a cool, dry pantry.

If you choose to refrigerate the cheese, place it in an airtight container or zip-top bag to prevent odors from the fridge transferring to the cheese. If the wax becomes damaged or cracked, it’s best to consume the cheese promptly to avoid any potential contamination.

3. Is Babybel cheese suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Babybel cheese is suitable for vegetarians. The ingredients used to make Babybel cheese are vegetarian-friendly. They primarily consist of pasteurized cow’s milk, microbial rennet (which is derived from fungi), salt, and cheese cultures. Babybel cheese does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

However, it’s essential to check the individual packaging and labels of different flavors or varieties to ensure they meet your specific dietary requirements. Some specific flavors or specialty editions may have additional ingredients that may not be suitable for vegetarians.

4. Can Babybel cheese be frozen?

Technically, yes, you can freeze Babybel cheese, but it may affect the texture and taste. Freezing can cause the cheese to become slightly crumbly and alter its creaminess. The wax shell may also become brittle, but it’s generally safe to consume.

If you decide to freeze Babybel cheese, it’s recommended to wrap each individual piece tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil to prevent freezer burn. When thawing, do so slowly in the refrigerator to minimize any texture changes. Remember that freezing can impact the quality, so it’s best to consume it within a reasonable timeframe.

5. Can I use Babybel cheese in recipes or cooking?

Absolutely! Babybel cheese can be a versatile ingredient in various recipes and cooking applications. Its mild and creamy flavor makes it a great addition to salads, sandwiches, omelets, and pasta dishes. You can also enjoy it as a simple snack on its own.

When using Babybel cheese in cooking, it’s best to remove the wax shell first and shred or cube the cheese as desired. The wax is not meant to be consumed. Be creative and experiment with different recipes to discover how Babybel cheese can elevate your dishes!

Watch This Before Taking Another Bite Of Babybel Cheese

In conclusion, Babybel cheese is not just a snack for kids, but a versatile ingredient that can elevate any dish. Its creamy and mild flavor makes it a perfect addition to sandwiches, salads, and even desserts. As a professional chef, I highly recommend exploring the endless possibilities of Babybel cheese in your culinary creations. So go ahead, unleash your creativity and let this little cheese wheel take your dishes to new heights. Happy cooking!