Construction Manager Versus General Contractor

General Contractor

A General Contractor is a person who is responsible for the overall construction process. They oversee the site’s day-to-day operations, manage trades and vendors, and communicate with all parties. The general contractor may also be known as a prime contractor. This person will usually be responsible for hiring and supervising other people to help with the project.

Construction manager

A construction manager for general contractor is a person who coordinates on-site administration and oversight of construction projects. Their role includes scheduling and budget review, as well as communicating with prime contractors and clients. They also advise clients on any changes that may occur during the construction process. They may also make recommendations to the prime contractor regarding changes to the prime contract. In some cases, a construction manager is hired as an at-risk general contractor, providing the self-performance capabilities of a General Contractor while collaborating with the owner.

A construction manager for general contractor can be hired before the project begins and during the construction phase. This person will coordinate with the owner and contribute to the design process, ensuring that the project meets the specifications. A construction manager will also give input on pricing and phasing, which will help the owner create a more constructible project.

Construction manager vs general contractor

A construction manager is an individual or organization who oversees construction projects. This individual provides input into the design of a building and also works with subcontractors to keep the project on budget and on schedule. This involvement also minimizes the chance of costly change orders during the construction phase. In addition, construction managers have a more collaborative relationship with the owner.

The main difference between a construction manager and a general contractor is that a construction manager has a much higher income. They often get paid on a cost-plus basis. This makes their income more stable. While a general contractor is responsible for redistributing payments to subtrades, a construction manager is responsible for facilitating payments from the owner to each subcontractor.

A construction manager can also draw up a construction package, including the foundation and equipment, and bid it to subcontractors. This allows them to have competitive pricing, even if the project scope changes throughout the project. Construction managers often spend more time on site than they do in their office.

Construction manager vs general contractor fees

While the fees between construction managers and general contractors may be similar, there are some key differences that separate them. One of the biggest differences is the way in which they work. General contractors usually operate under a fixed price schedule with allowances and insurances, while construction managers typically work on a cost-plus model. This revenue model offers a higher degree of security for construction managers, and eliminates the competitiveness inherent in a General Contractor/owner relationship.

A construction manager will also collaborate with the owner during the pre-construction phase. By doing so, the construction manager can obtain more accurate estimates. Instead of a competitive blind bid proposal, a construction manager will provide an honest and detailed proposal based on his or her design insight.

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