How to Become a Handyman

A Handyman is an individual who has the skills and knowledge to perform simple home maintenance and repair tasks. The term is also known as a “fixer”, “handyperson”, or “handyworker”. Handyman work can include interior or exterior projects. These tasks are often described as “side work” or “fix-up” tasks.

Job description

A handyman is a person who has experience in minor repairs. He performs such tasks in a wide variety of settings, from homes to businesses. He can be expected to do basic electrical and plumbing work, and carpentry. He may also help with landscaping and exterior maintenance. In some cases, a handyman might also be asked to repair HVAC systems.


Before embarking on a handyman career, it is important to have certain qualifications. A handyman must be able to read blueprints, follow written instructions and have a strong grasp of plumbing and electrical systems. They should also have experience working with common hand tools. Good time management skills are also important. Lastly, they should be physically fit and willing to work in tight spaces and lift heavy objects.


You can get handyman experience by volunteering at a local charity or non-profit organization. This is a great way to gain experience and expand your contacts. Charities are notoriously low-budget and do not always have the funds to hire handymen, so you can provide valuable help to them and develop your network of potential clients.


The costs of hiring a handyman can vary greatly depending on the size of the job and the tools used. The most common costs range from $50 to $250 for simple tasks. More expensive projects can cost up to $1,500. Handymen also charge more if they work in areas with high costs of living. Costs are higher in states like California, Massachusetts, and New York.


Investing in a handyman franchise means you’ll get the benefits of a national brand. Many people prefer to do business with familiar service providers. In addition, a handyman franchise offers its associated businesses the opportunity to use the company name and logo. A franchise can help you cut down on marketing costs, as national advertising is usually handled by the franchisor. However, local advertising is up to you.


There are many places to look for handyman services. You can check your local paper for ads or look for handyman services on social media websites. Facebook, for example, has a rich list of handyman service listings. It’s easy to navigate and you can contact people without giving out personal information.

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