How to Build a Handyman Business


Whether you’re a homeowner who needs to repair a small ding or a commercial business that requires maintenance, a handyman can provide the help you need. Handyman tasks can include general maintenance, painting, woodworking, and light electrical work. However, handymen can also be hired for large-scale projects.

Handymen usually work on projects that are set by the client. A handyman may help you hang pictures, install light fixtures, or repair a leaky faucet. These jobs typically require a high level of skill and are a great way to get experience. However, you may want to seek out more specialized trades.

Some handymen specialize in specific areas such as electrical work, plumbing, or carpentry. Others work as a full-time employee for an organization or maintenance company. Others may be a paid staff member for a building management company, apartment complex, or a home warranty company. In some states, a license is required.

Handymen typically work on a per-job basis. Some handymen charge by the hour and others charge based on the time it takes to complete the job. Handymen may charge extra for emergency jobs and rush jobs. They can also charge by the square foot, depending on the size of the job. You may need to pay a bond to work for an individual or company.

Handyman business owners should set a reasonable price for their services. However, they must also educate their customers. In order to get more work, you should offer a good customer service experience. This will build customer confidence and allow you to expand your business.

Handymen should also have a large knowledge base of different equipment and products. Some handymen specialize in electrical work, carpentry, plumbing, or painting. You can take classes to learn new skills. You can also shadow a current handyman to learn his or her techniques.

Handyman business owners should be organized and on time. They should have a good knowledge of local laws and regulations and be protected by a reliable business insurance plan. They should also advertise their services through flyers and discount coupons. They should also use reliable websites and social media platforms to promote their business.

Handyman businesses must have a good website. A reliable website will be able to tell potential customers about your company’s history, services, and license information. A good website will also have testimonials and videos from past clients. This will help build customer confidence and set your business apart from the competition.

Handyman businesses can be run as a sole proprietorship or an LLC. You will need a license and a business name. A good business name should have a strong logo and be easy to remember. It should also be SEO-optimized for better rankings in search engines.

Handyman business owners need to set a fair price for their services and be on time. Handymen should also build a network of customers. When you have a good network of clients, you will be able to offer a wide range of services and earn a good income.

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