The Difference Between Repair Service and Maintenance

Repair Service

Performing a repair on an asset is a procedure that restores a broken asset to its original functional condition. It is a critical part of the life cycle of most physical assets. However, it is important to distinguish between repairs and maintenance. Performing repairs is a restoration process, whereas maintenance is a routine maintenance activity. Both repairs and maintenance are designed to prevent unexpected downtime and to increase the life of an asset.

Repairs can be categorized into four types. They are: corrective, preventive, reliability-centered, and predictive maintenance. Each type has a different timeline and approach. They all have a goal to restore functionality, and the cost of each type is different. The cost of a repair depends on the underlying cause of the failure. It also depends on the equipment’s complexity. For example, repairing a car engine can cost a lot, but changing a flat tire can be relatively inexpensive.

Performing routine maintenance is crucial to keep an asset in good working condition and to prevent unexpected downtime. It also involves replacing necessary equipment and supporting utilities. It can be done automatically with cloud-based maintenance platforms. It is also important to partner with the equipment’s manufacturer and to make sure that parts are available to repair the asset. It is also important to keep a detailed maintenance record of the equipment. It is also important to notify the equipment’s users of any problems as soon as possible. It is also important to have backup equipment in case of a breakdown.

It is important to identify what is wrong with an asset and to determine the root cause of the failure. Some equipment breakdowns are caused by human error, while others are a result of natural wear and tear. If the equipment’s user reports a problem, it is important to make sure that the equipment is in a good condition and that the user has back-up equipment. It is also important to keep a list of the spare parts used on the asset. This can help you to order more spare parts when needed.

Maintenance is the process of replacing and maintaining the necessary equipment, machinery, and supporting utilities. It is also important to perform functional checks to ensure that the asset’s functionality is not compromised. It can include replacing equipment, cleaning air conditioners, grease traps, and grease filters, and lubricating equipment. It is also important to ensure that the equipment is plugged into an uninterrupted power supply.

The Repair Service is a non-exclusive agreement between SGI and RSP. RSP is responsible for providing SGI with the materials and personnel to perform Repair Services. RSP must be able to meet all of SGI’s service requirements. It must also use commercially reasonable efforts to process Purchase Orders. RSP shall promptly release any SGI Component Inventory that is overstock or defective. It shall also use good faith efforts to consume its components prior to buying them. RSP’s charges for Repair Services include all charges for repairing SGI’s product, packaging, and shipping.

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