The Importance of Repair Service

Repair Service

Repair Service

The technical meaning of repair entails functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary devices, equipment, machinery and building infrastructure in industrial, business and residential installations. It is based on a preventative approach and reduces equipment failures, ensures uptime, extends the useful life of the assets and saves costs through early replacement.

In contrast, maintenance is a reaction-based approach that ensures the operation of assets. It enables assets to remain in operation and prolongs their lifetime, but it also ensures safety by making sure that all operations are documented as part of a maintenance log, which serves as proof for warranty claims or resale purposes.

A large variety of products and services are repaired or maintained at businesses, homes, and public institutions, including electrical, heating, plumbing, cooling, and other systems that make people and the environment more comfortable. Keeping up with maintenance is not only good for the health and welfare of your customers and employees, but it also protects your assets and reduces environmental damage.


Cars and trucks are important to transport goods and people across a wide range of locations and are essential for the functioning of society. When you drive a properly-maintained vehicle, your car will get better gas mileage, your engine will be more powerful and it will run smoothly. In addition, having regular repairs done on your car will help extend its lifespan by preventing major problems from occurring.


The repair of buildings is particularly relevant for sustainability because a poorly-maintained building can cause leaks, let in cold air and heat or allow water to escape. This can lead to a greater use of energy to keep the building comfortable and a higher carbon footprint because it consumes more materials and creates more waste.

When your building breaks down on the job or if it becomes dangerous to work in, you will need to find a solution quickly. This is why having a reliable repair team on call can be essential to your company’s success.


Women tend to make more use of repair services than men and are more likely to utilise a repair network (H7; 0 men, 1 women). However, there is no significant difference for perceived repair difficulty.


Similarly to previous studies, age has a positive impact on the utilisation of repair service providers. This could be due to older respondents consuming more repair services and to an increasing perception of the importance of repair in a society where a sustainable transition to a circular economy is essential.

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