What Is a Handyman?


Handyman is a term used to describe an individual who specializes in household tasks such as repair and maintenance. Handymen have a diverse skill set that allows them to work on a wide variety of household projects, including plumbing, electrical and painting. Often, handymen are able to perform these tasks by themselves but they may also need a helper or apprentice for larger, more complex projects.

Some handymen work for residential properties, but they can also be employed by construction firms or service companies. These companies may hire them on a temporary basis, or they may recruit them on a permanent basis.

A handyman can be a great job for those who want to earn a living while still doing something they enjoy and that makes a difference in people’s lives. Many handymen start out as apprentices, working to gain experience in various trades and specialisms. Once they have a good working knowledge of all the areas they can cover, they will be able to pursue a career as a self-employed handyman.

To become a handyman, you need to have a strong work ethic, outstanding problem-solving skills and a good knowledge base of DIY skills. You also need to be able to communicate well with customers and understand their specific needs and expectations.

Depending on your location, you may need to obtain an occupational license in your state or city. Most states require this licensing to operate as a handyman.

You can earn this license by completing the necessary training, such as an apprenticeship or short courses in DIY skills. This can give you a headstart when it comes to finding a job as a handyman, and will allow you to charge a higher price than other Handymen in your area.

A handyman can also earn a contractor license to perform more specialized repairs. For example, if your home’s electrical system requires repair work, you’ll need to have someone with the appropriate license in order to complete it.

The types of jobs you can do as a handyman vary widely, from quick, low-skilled repairs to pricier projects that require advanced carpentry or plumbing skills. The type of job you do will determine your hourly rate, which you’ll include in your quotes and estimates.

Some basic tools are needed for most handyman jobs. For example, if you need to hang a piece of art in a home, you’ll need a stud finder and a level (both of which can be purchased at most hardware stores). You’ll also likely need a power drill or similar tool for putting holes in walls or mounting screws.

If you’re a handyman, it’s important to have general liability insurance. This protects you from third-party claims of property damage, bodily injury and personal injury. It’s also helpful if you have other types of coverage, such as commercial property insurance or business interruption insurance.

The best way to be a successful handyman is to offer the right services at the right time. This will make your business more profitable and ensure that you get the most out of your marketing efforts. You’ll need to figure out which handyman services are popular in your market and then build a strategic, cost-effective marketing plan around them. For example, if you offer patio furniture assembly or holiday light installation and other seasonal services, it’s a good idea to highlight those in your marketing materials.

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