What is a Remodeler?


A Remodeler is a specialized type of contractor that helps property owners complete remodeling, renovation, or restoration projects on their homes and commercial buildings. They are licensed and trained to meet building codes and have comprehensive insurance coverage.

Homeowners often confuse renovating with remodeling, but the two are actually quite different. While both involve repairing or replacing things in a space, remodelers also reimagine the overall look and feel of a room or building through structural changes. They also perform more extensive work than handymen, who tend to handle smaller jobs such as fixing leaky faucets or installing a new hot water heater.

What is the Difference Between a Remodeler and a Handyman?

A remodeler is a skilled craftsman who works on residential or commercial construction. Their job is to help property owners turn a building into something that is more functional or beautiful. Their work is very individualized and often involves creating floor plans, collecting samples of materials, and creating 3D renderings to give clients a sense of what their finished spaces will look like.

How to Find a Remodeler

Finding a remodeler is not a difficult task if you know where to look. You can start with your friends and family, but you should also check the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and local trade organizations for names of qualified professionals.

Before you hire a remodeler, ask for detailed information about their job history and professional training and affiliations. You should also check for licensing and insurance requirements, and get a list of references that you can contact. You may even want to visit a remodeler’s current job site for a look at how it looks and how well the work appears to be progressing.

If you have children, be sure to check that the remodeler is lead-safe certified under EPA guidelines. You should also verify that he or she carries workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

What is the Average Salary of a Remodeler?

A remodeling contractor’s salary is determined by the type of work done on a project, as well as the level of expertise and experience required for each particular job. The higher the skill level, the more expensive a project will be to complete.

How to Prepare for a Remodeling Career

To be a successful remodeler, you must have a thorough understanding of the different types of construction and repair methods. You should also have strong problem-solving skills, excellent time management abilities, and the ability to communicate with clients.

How to Prepare for a Career as a Remodeler

There are several ways to become a remodeler, including a formal education in carpentry or construction, an apprenticeship or vocational schooling, and a certification program. You can also gain experience by volunteering in the field. Many remodelers donate their services to less fortunate neighbors who need repairs.

How to Recruit for a Remodeling Job

Once you’ve vetted a few contractors, it’s time to interview them in person. You should ask to see their work portfolios and ask them about their past experiences with similar jobs.

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