What Is Repair Service?

Repair Service

Repair Service is the process of replacing or servicing a device or system. The process involves performing functional checks and replacing necessary equipment, devices, machinery, building infrastructure, and utilities. Repair Service is an important part of keeping a building or system in top condition. The services of a repair service company include identifying the problems with the equipment or system, repairing it, and ensuring that it is functioning at its highest potential.

Component Inventory

Component inventory management can help businesses track their inventory by type and by vendor. The parts management system provides an automated way to track all inventory components, including those that are reserved, in stock, and referenced to a repair order. It also lets you attach extensive notes, default clauses for purchase orders, and multiple drop ship addresses. With this system, you can also manage piece parts, which are not available in inventory but are needed for a specific repair order.

Reactive maintenance

Reactive maintenance is a great option for organizations that have a lot of fixed assets. This method helps repair service providers respond quickly to issues, without having to schedule routine visits. The downside of reactive maintenance is the risk of asset failure. Reactive maintenance costs vary widely, depending on the scope of repairs and the value of the assets. Generally, reactive maintenance costs more than preventive maintenance.

Select Service

When you call Select Service for repair service, you can expect fast and efficient service. Select will pay for covered repair services, and will not be liable for delays. In the case of an emergency, it is imperative to notify Select in advance.

Repaired SGI Product

If your SGI Product has been damaged or malfunctioned, you can contact the SGI Product Repair Service to arrange for replacement goods. The RSP will inspect the damaged Product and, if necessary, apply the appropriate engineering change order. Once the repaired Product is returned to SGI, the Technical Support will determine if the defect is covered by the warranty.

Subrange repairs

When performing subrange repairs, you can limit the amount of time the process takes by configuring your Repair Service. By default, subrange repairs are limited to 500 seconds, but you can set it to more or less than this value.

SGI Capital Equipment

SGI Capital Equipment Repair Service (“RSP”) repairs SGI-owned equipment that is defective and in need of repair. This service also repairs SGI Component Inventory, a piece part inventory sold by SGI that is managed by the RSP. After a product is repaired, it may be resold by SGI or returned to the RSP as excess inventory.

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